Jalen Rose, Who Is Usually Right About This Stuff, Thinks Kevin Durant Will Go The Rockets, Russell Westbrook To The Lakers

  • Eric Goldschein

jalen roseThe words “who is usually right about this stuff” are included in the title of this post because it bears noting that, yes, Jalen Rose makes good calls when it comes to players switching teams. He called the James Harden trade before it happened, and he called the Dwight Howard-to-the-Rockets decision before it happened.

So at least when it comes to the Houston Rockets, Jalen Rose is somewhat clairvoyant. His predictions carry more weight than if I told you LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were going to team up… in New York.

Here’s the video, where Jalen explains that after their respective contracts are up in Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will be heading their separate ways — Durant to Houston to form a Big 3 with Harden and Howard (which, wow, would be outrageous) and Westbrook to L.A. to team up with Kevin Love:

You know what? I love this idea. As much as I appreciate the relationship Durant has built with OKC over the last few years, the Thunder may have forced his hand. The Thunder showed they weren’t ready to make the sacrifices (financial sacrifies, mostly) needed to field a year-in, year-out contender when they traded away Harden. That was a potential dynasty in the making, and GM Sam Presti snuffed it out in the name of cap flexibility. The Thunder still have a chance to win a title, absolutely — but their window is much smaller, and closing much faster, than we would have thought it’d be at this point three years ago.

Also, a Harden-Durant-Howard trio (assuming Howard can rein in his ego by 2015) would be devastatingly good. And I love Westbrook and Love together — albeit not in Lakers uniforms, but you can’t have everything. We’ll see how this plays out over the next few years, but I wouldn’t count out yet another Jalen Rose prediction coming true.

Except for the MJ-returning-to-the-Bobcats-for-a-game thing. That’s dumb.