Lob City Got Especially Creative While Conducting Official Business Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve seen the Clippers – Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in particular – dunk just about every way there is. Even as the Clips tired of the (self-given) “Lob City” moniker, they give everyone else all the more reasons to keep doing it. You might be impressed by what they do – check out this Griffin collection from a recent game, for example – but can you be surprised by them anymore? It feels like they’ve shown off just about every trick in the dunk book.

The way things feel, though, isn’t necessarily the way things are. And if this Jamal Crawford-Griffin connection from the fourth quarter of last night’s 117-101 Clipper win over the Bucks proved anything, it’s that yes, what this team is capable of dunk-wise can still make the mind boggle:

And that ridiculous set-up came from Jamal Crawford, who isn’t even the normal instigator of Lob City shenanigans. Granted, with finishers like Griffin and Jordan, just about anyone’s capable of setting an alley-oop up, but not everyone can set them up like that. Add in the windmill finish from Griffin, and of all the Clipper dunks we’ve seen over the past couple seasons – which is a lot – this stands alone as the fanciest. Griffin looks fully recovered from this, no?

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