Reason Number 1,392* That James Dolan Needs To Sell The Knicks

  • Eric Goldschein

iman shumpert

*This is an inexact number, but the true count isn’t likely to be far off.

James Dolan is one of the worst owners in sports. There are owners who are decidedly (or at least, outwardly) more racist, more overbearing, who appear to know even less about sports. But Dolan is the only one I can think of who acts so childish, volatile and butthurt, and allows those emotions to dictate his basketball decisions.

Previous examples of said childishness include letting Jeremy Lin walk after allowing the Harvard grad to outmaneuver him in contract discussions; hiring back Isiah Thomas to be a consultant for the team after almost single-handedly running it into the ground; overruling Donnie Walsh — the man who saved the team from Thomas’ insane reign — in the decision to trade for Carmelo Anthony; and firing a security guard for not knowing him on sight.

Today’s example: This off-air segment of the Stephen A. Smith interview with Dwight Howard, in which Smith reveals that Dolan was ready to trade the young, promising, explosive Iman Shumpert because he wouldn’t work out in the summer league. Happens at the 0:10 mark (via YouTube user SATELLITESURFER31):

To clarify, the owner of the team wanted to trade the guy who did this — also known as the only Knicks player who seems to take pride in playing defense, not to mention a fan-favorite — because he didn’t do exactly what the owner wanted.

James Dolan, please, for the sake of New York basketball, sell the Knicks and let them out from under your fat, stupid hand. Go play in your crappy little band (seriously, who the fuck buys tickets to see that group?) and let people who haven’t proved time and again that they’re the worst take over the team. There’s a reason the Knicks have more or less garbage since the time you took over.

Go away. Thanks.