Jason Kidd Looks Bad In A Headband

  • Joe Levine

Just when you thought there couldn’t be a player on the Knicks that looked worse with a headband than Ronnie Brewer, along comes Jason Kidd, who donned the look for today’s game against the Indiana Pacers.

Brace yourself for a sight more jarring than Larry Bird in baggy shorts:

Jason Kidd looks weird with a headband.  on Twitpic

Come on, fam. You’re almost forty. You are way too old to be just now breaking out a headband.

So you know it’s not a fluke and that that’s really how Kidd is wearing his headband today:

More Jason Kidd in a headband, because this is really amusing.  on Twitpic

In case you were wondering what Kidd is going for here, apparently he’s channeling the look of Seattle Sonics legend Slick Watts:

Slick Watts

I think Slick wore it better.

H/T @MikePradaSB