Jason Kidd’s Nets Walk Off The Court Before They’re Finished Losing To The Spurs

  • Jake O'Donnell

In fairness, the referees refused to end the contest, on account of a shot clock violation that occurred with .2 seconds left on the game clock. Nitpicky, sure, but them’s the rules — rules that didn’t seem to stop the Nets from heading to the locker room before the fat lady had sung. Jason Kidd, who has quickly become the poster child for the term “embattled coach,” had to call a timeout just to get them back on the court to finish the 113-92 road loss.

We can’t blame them for running from this disastrous situation, but we can blame them for not paying attention to the game they are paid a record amount of money to pay attention to. If this isn’t a sign that Jason Kidd has lost complete control of his team, we don’t know what is. His exit is imminent.

[Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports] For all the stories about Kidd’s grandstanding speeches in the locker room, calling out players in private and public, make no mistake: He’s losing these Nets the way Scott lost Kidd a decade ago. Eventually, the players need a plan, need substance. There’s no faster way to lose a locker room than calling Kevin Garnett a quitter.

Watch the most pathetic ending to professional basketball game, ever. NOTE: Popovich’s reaction says it all.