Don’t Even Bother Asking Us How The Orlando Magic Got Away With This One

  • Tom Lorenzo

Everyone seemed to be confused as Orlando Magic shooting guard Jason Richardson came off the bench against the Boston Celtics, while the ball was in play, and made a steal. Yes, during an actual live play he just walked off the bench. And got away with it.

With just four Orlando players on the court, Richardson realized that his team was down a man. So, instead of checking in at the next whistled, he simply walked on the court and made a play on Celtics center Greg Stiemsma. And, naturally, he got away with it. Just don’t ask anyone how. Not even Tommy Heinsohn could figure it out. Watch:

I guess you can’t really complain if you’re the Celtics, especially seeing as they beat the Magic 87-56. The 56 points scored by the Magic was a franchise-low mark. Maybe if they hadn’t played a whole three seconds with just four guys, things might have ended differently.

[video via TBJ]