Jason Terry Flopped And Then Tried To Fight Greivis Vasquez Over It

  • Eric Goldschein

jason terry flopIt’s one thing to flop. It’s another thing to flop, and then to get mad at the person who didn’t actually foul you for fouling you (which, to clarify, he/she did not do). Such is Jason Terry’s contribution to NBA basketball nowadays.

Here’s the scene: Greivis Vasquez of the Kings, with Terry playing him tightly at the three point line, swings his elbows from left to right in order to bring the ball to his dominant hand, as well as create room for the drive. This is a common action by basketball players at all levels, but perhaps Terry just woke up from his two-season nap and was still groggy and cranky. He got a technical foul on the play too.


The Nets got embarrassed by the Kings in Sacramento. And they lost, too. Brooklyn is just 2-5 to start the season.