JaVale McGee Snatched Another Shot Out of Midair

  • Glenn Davis

We love JaVale McGee because he doesn’t do things the way most people would do them. But you knew that already, thanks to posts like this, so let’s just skip to the part where he does something either exceptionally quirky or exceptionally athletic. Last night against the Sixers, it was the latter:

Astute McGee observers might note that this isn’t the first time he’s blocked a shot this way: he turned the trick against the Cavs last month, and did it to Zach Randolph a few months back, to name two. And it seems like every time it happens, the player who gets his shot blocked caught is in disbelief that goaltending isn’t called. But the above didn’t look like goaltending to us – and honestly, neither did the above-linked play against the Cavs, despite the one announcer’s assertion to the contrary. McGee is just really good at making impossible-looking plays (for better or worse).