JaVale McGee Threw Down The Best Non-Dunk Dunk Of The Night

  • Tom Lorenzo

It’s tough to classify this JaVale McGee, um, basket. From the drive it looked like he was going to throw down a monster dunk, but in typical McGee fashion, it turned into somewhat of a head-scratcher. This was no more a dunk than it was a throw down.

Now, again, McGee has been known to be a bit spacey, but in this instance you can’t really blame him for not being able to get a clean dunk. Well, I guess you can say that he lost the dunk once he bobbled the ball, but he was defended pretty well on the recovery. Hence, the non-dunk. You have to imagine that the Milwaukee Bucks must have been wondering when he was going to going to do something, well, stupid with the ball. Watch:

[via The Big Lead]