JaVale McGee, World’s Best Basketball Player*, Dominates Drew League, Posterizes Helpless Defender

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday we brought you the sad tale of Kevin Durant, a man apparently blessed with such distressingly little basketball talent that even a matchup with a guy who couldn’t stick in the NBA proved far too much for him to handle. Watch it again. Why, it’s almost sickening, his utter failure to play the game. You need something to cleanse your palate after watching that. You need to see a real basketball player at work. Someone who can finish at the rim. Someone who would never be involved in an embarrassing on-court miscue. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have found that man:

According to the video’s Youtube page, McGee had 40 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocks in this game. That kind of production, and these kinds of highlights? What can’t this guy do?

*As much as we might enjoy outrage from the oblivious, no, JaVale isn’t the best player in the world, and Kevin Durant is galaxies better. But boy, do we love JaVale anyway.

[Beyond the Buzzer]