Jay-Z Releases “Open Letter” Track To Tell Everyone How Much Money He Made Off The Nets

  • Eric Goldschein

Jay-Z dropped a new track! Let’s take a listen to that hot fire. “Open Letter,” huh? I wonder who it’s to? Well, it sounds like someone in the Nets organization. Or maybe Nets fans in general? The Atlantic Yards developers? Brooklyn as a whole? It’s hard to tell.

The Brooklyn rapper touches on a lot of blowback he’s received lately, from his Cuba trip to selling off his Nets’ shares. Speaking of which, here’s the choicest line in the song:

“Would have brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free, except I made millions off of you f-cking dweeb[s?]; I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seats.”

This line is confusing. He would have done it for free, except he made millions instead? Unless the plan is to reinvest that into the Bed-Stuy Gateway BID, this is just a humble-brag.

So remember, just because Jay is selling off his share in the Nets in order to rep the players personally, he’s not going anywhere. He’ll still be courtside, he still brought the Nets to Brooklyn, and he still made millions off of it, or off of some “dweeb.” [Prokhorov?] [Bruce Ratner?].

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