Derrick Favors Missed A Layup And This Radio Announcer Pretty Much Lost It

  • Eric Goldschein

We’ve all been there before: a blown play so infuriating that it makes you nonsensical with sports rage. But you wouldn’t expect somebody who is paid to speak to be at a loss for words as well. And yet, here’s David Locke going absolutely nuts over a missed layup, to the point of hysterical gibberish.

Locke is the voice of the Utah Jazz radio broadcast. But here, he’s just like any other crazed Jazz fan after a blown gimme late in the fourth quarter. Video via Ryan Wolinsky (@RyanWolinksy):

How is it possible to say absolutely nothing and yet convey everything? Favors missed the chance for a three-point play, which would have tied it up. So, therefore, deh-bah-de-bah! Also, two free throws.