Jazz Mascot Accidentally(?) Drops Birthday Cake From Upper Deck Onto Fans Below

  • Dan Fogarty

The Jazz’s mascot, “Bear,” tried to present a fan with a birthday cake during Utah’s win over the Cavs last night. As you can see, he had a bit of trouble, dropping the baked good from the upper deck onto a grizzly-looking man and his girlfriend. The happy couple then proceeded to act out the early stages of cake sex.

But were last night’s hijinks real, or staged? Bear has a history with faked incidents, once “fighting” a fan in the stands (the Cavs were in town that night, too).

So: was the drop real or fake? Did Bear really fumble a lit cake onto the unsuspecting fans below, nearly inciting an impromptu dessert orgy in the process? Or was this an elaborately staged ruse? Judge for yourself:

[Utah Jazz]