Jeremy Evans’ Dunk-Contest-Winning Dunks, In Slow Motion

  • Eric Goldschein

It would be fair to say that not many people expected much out of Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans in the dunk contest last night. Remember, he was a last-minute replacement for Iman Shumpert, meaning he’s not even one of the top four dunkers in the league (because the guys in the dunk contest are the league’s best dunkers, right?). But he actually threw down some pretty nice dunks, netting him the 2012 title. Check them out in slow-motion in the video here:

To be fair, this was a universally panned contest, producing more yawns than excitement in ground-breaking dunk insanity. Highlights included the Chase Buddinger “White Men Can’t Jump” dunk, Derrick Williams dunking over a motorcycle (attempting to “Be Like Blake”?), and Paul George jumping over 7’2″ teammate Roy Hibbert. Also, we should stop and appreciate Evans donning a throwback Karl Malone jersey, as it’s always nice to see homage paid to the old guard.

The NBA tried to switch things up this year by letting the fans vote via text and streamlining the event by eliminating rounds. But since that didn’t work in spicing up the contest either, may we once again suggest the obvious? Get LeBron in there.

[via Quickish]