Jeremy Evans Dunked Over A Painting Of Himself Dunking Over A Painting (Presumably Of Himself Dunking Over A Painting, Etc.)

  • Glenn Davis

OK, yeah, most of the dunk contest was pretty lame (Terrence Ross won it, for the record), but this was a clever bit, as far as dunk contest bits go. Seldom-used Jazz forward/reigning dunk contest champion Jeremy Evans is an artist. “Oh, you mean his game is so smooth it’s like watching a master artist at work?” you ask. And I answer, “No, as in he is literally a talented painter. He’s a regular Desmond Mason.” And tonight, he figured out a way to make his worlds collide (video via CJ Fogler):

yo dawg we heard you like dunks so we put a dunk over your dunk so you can #spriteslam while you #spriteslam

Seriously, though, I thought this was enough for Evans to earn a repeat, but hey, I didn’t make the choice. Also, I sort of hope he originally painted himself dunking onto the painting of himself dunking within the painting of himself dunking, and on and on, before finally painting the black sheet over it. The Droste effect*: bet you never thought it’d freak you out during the dunk contest.

But… what if this dunk wasn’t even the beginning of the recursion? What if, in the far reaches of the heavens, God Himself (taking on the form of Jeremy Evans) dunked the known universe, then unveiled His handiwork – the Jeremy Evans dunk you and I saw? What if Evans painting himself dunking, then making it happen in real life – a symbolic triumph of shaping our own destiny – was just one more bit of proof that we are mere pawns in the grand plan of the cosmos? Think about that while you go nuts partyin’ tonight, everyone.

*Alternate definition: the strong emotional connection you felt when you watched the video for “Two Weeks.”