Jeremy Lin Visited Times Square Back In 2010 And… No One Seemed To Care

  • Tom Lorenzo

Back when Jeremy Lin was a rookie, and a member of the Golden State Warriors, he took a trip to New York City on behalf of the “Rookie Transition Program.” Looking back, it’s pretty funny to see him walking around Times Square and, for the most part, no one paying him any mind. Especially now that he has to travel with, not one, but two security guards at his side. Oh, those were the days.

Here is video of the incident where, of course, some people stopped to take pictures with him. It’s a natural reaction to hearing that you’re in the presence of an NBA player — even if they don’t look the part. Hey, you too can convince a handful of strangers. Give it a shot. Step out into Times Square, tell a bunch of strangers that you play in the NBA and we guarantee a number of them will take a picture with you.

Even so, no one really knew who he was, even after they were introduced to him. Today, however, Lin couldn’t leave his swag-y apartment without getting mobbed. He’s the toast of the town, and with that he no longer can sit and get a caricature drawn in the world’s busiest neighborhood. What a shame. Watch:

[via Reddit]