Jeremy Lin Had A Pretty Terrible Airball On A Potential Game-Winner Last Night

  • Dan Fogarty

In relation to his meteoric 2011-12 run for the Knicks, Jeremy Lin’s 2012-13 stat line looks like this so far: a slight uptick in rebounds and steals, no real change in assists, and a noticeable drop-off in scoring stats, like points per game, field goal percentage… and three-point shooting. During Houston’s 113-110 loss to the world champion Heat — a game the Rockets should have won — Jeremy Lin had a chance to improve that three-point percentage ever so slightly. It didn’t go so hot.

There will be better days ahead for this team, but for now, they’re 3-4, at the bottom of perhaps the best division in the NBA, and they can’t quite figure out how to win close games.

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