JEREMY LIN SIGHTING: Watch Lin “Rap,” Give Cliche Words Of Wisdom To Graduating NYC High School Students

  • Eric Goldschein

Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan is arguably one of the best public high schools in the country. As someone who did not attend “Stuy,” I think everyone who goes there is a lame nerd. But if Stuy students didn’t have something (elite status, prime location, etc) to hold over our heads before, now they’ve got Jeremy Lin sending over inspirational videos to the graduating class.

Lin was invited to speak at the 2012 graduation, but “couldn’t make it,” probably because he’s still getting over knee surgery/trying out hipster frames. But he seems to be doing well, hanging out in his sweet new pad, and thinking of creative ways to impart words of wisdom to the next generation of geniuses. Unfortunately, in this day and age, “creative” means “attempting to rap.” [Update: This is apparently an inside joke, so, ha ha.]

Besides the hip-hopping, good on Lin for taking the time to do this. But, “never let anyone tell you what you can’t do”? “Pursue your passion”? Is he reading out of the Book of Things Everybody Says All The Time*? He left out some of my favorite passages, including “Don’t stop until you achieve your dreams,” “Reach for the stars!” and “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Also, the quick cut to his glass-less face giving a message to the Christian Club is like, what? Is that the angel that sits on your shoulder and tells you not to peek into the girls locker room at the gym? Not that I need anybody to tell me not to do that. No sir.

Meanwhile, Lin’s Knicks tip off against the Heat today at 3:30 EST. Will he make an inspirational video for his teammates, this time without a rapping segment? Only time will tell.

*not a real book

[Update: At the polite suggestion of some of our readers, I checked out the Stuyvesant High School request video. It was… adorable. And it’s hard to hate on Lin after watching both. You can find the request video on the YouTube page for the video above. That being said, as a Midwood High School alum, I still think Stuy kids are nerds.]

[h/t Reddit]