This, According To Teammate Landry Fields, Is The Couch Jeremy Lin Slept On

  • Glenn Davis

There were many reasons everyone freaked out when Knicks guard Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere to lead the team to four straight wins (yeah, they won Saturday too, but he didn’t play nearly as well), one of those reasons being that Lin came so out of nowhere that as of last anyone checked, he was sleeping on his brother’s couch (good thing he had family in the city). And yesterday, to cement that growing aspect of Lin’s legend, teammate Landry Fields tweeted a picture of what he said was the couch in question. Here it is:

Solid couch, if probably not the most comfortable thing to sleep on. We can understand why Lin’s looking for his own place…though if he really wants to feed the hype machine, he should probably keep staying at his brother’s place so everyone can rave about how success isn’t changing him and how he’s staying humble. Well, that and keep on scoring 20-plus points a night. Easier said than done.

[Darren Rovell]