Jeremy Lin’s Lawyers Were Not Very Happy About The Whole “Linsanity Weed” Thing

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier this month we were delighted to learn (thanks to Rick Ross) of the existence of “Linsanity OG” weed (seen above). Just when we thought we couldn’t be surprised by any Lin reference, there it was. Jeremy Lin had truly conquered all. We had a sneaking suspicion, though, that Lin himself might not be as thrilled with this revelation as we were, and now comes proof: his lawyers sent cease-and-desist letters to upwards of a half-dozen medical marijuana dispensaries who were selling Lin-themed products. And while the Lin legal team doesn’t sound particularly mad about any of this…

“Their enthusiasm for Jeremy Lin got ahead of their understanding of the law,” said Pamela Deese of the Washington, D.C., firm Arent Fox.

… Josh Leibowitz, who owns one of the dispensaries in question, said that they requested not only that he stop selling something with Lin’s name on it (which he did) but that he draft a letter of apology (which he hasn’t done yet). The letter of apology request just seems like rubbing it in: fine, tell the guy he can’t use your client’s name without authorization – authorization we sadly do not believe is forthcoming – but you don’t have to shame him while you’re at it. (The laws regarding marijuana in the U.S. do a pretty fine job of shaming already, really.)

Speaking of those laws: of course Lin wasn’t going to endorse the sale of marijuana bearing his name, but can you imagine if he did? You want something that could make him an enduring icon? Why, the three dispensaries the Huffington Post mentioned in its story are even in Lin’s native California, so it’s kind of a natural fit.

Clean-cut, deeply-religious Lin speaking out in favor of pot? Maybe that, plus Pat Robertson’s endorsement, could really get people thinking about the insanity – not Linsanity, we don’t want to get in trouble here – of marijuana being (mostly) illegal to begin with. We can dream. We’ll have to, since we don’t know what Lin’s actual position on this stuff is, and if he ever did anything like that, he could probably kiss every other endorsement goodbye. Oh well. Volvos are fine automobiles, we suppose.

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