Jimmer Fredette’s Wedding Caused A Minor UFO Scare

  • Evan Sporer

Love was in the air last Friday when Jimmer Fredette tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend – but something else was in the air the night before that had the people of Colorado anticipating an alien invasion. During a rehearsal dinner Thursday, Jimmer, family, and friends released Chinese paper lanterns in the air – and the lights from the lanterns caused local residents to think aliens may be occupying their skies. Nope, it’s just your average Chinese paper lanterns, via the Fredette wedding party.

Now, I don’t know too much about Mormonism – for instance, if this is some sort of tradition in their marriages (I would suspect not). I do know one thing about Mormonism, though – and apparently, so does Fredette’s teammate DeMarcus Cousins, who poked some fun at Jimmer in this tweet.

Congratulations to Jimmer and his wife Whitney. You may now kiss the bride. And for God’s sake, consummate the thing!

[Via Sports Mashup, Photo via Busted Coverage]