Jodie Meeks Thinks Dwight Howard Is A Catty 17-Year-Old Girl Based On This Funny Photoshopped Insult

  • Jake O'Donnell

lakers newsThere’s been a lot said so far about the fallout from Dwight’s departure from the Lakers. Mostly online, because it’s 2013, but also because there’s a particularly, I don’t know how to say it, pathetic-Myspace-fuck-you-bitch-thing going on here. Dwight complains when the wind blows up his ass. Kobe hates humans for being normal people. Mike D’antoni is paid $10M to have a mustache. I dunno, it’s bizarre.

First there was Dwight’s little coming out party on Twitter, then Kobe’s Spanish Instagram dé amor rebuttal, and now Jodie “wait, who?” Meeks is jumping into the fray with this hilarious, comprehensively insulting photoshopped image of Dwight Howard as a member of the Orlando Miracle (WNBA team names are insults in and of themselves). So, lemme get this straight: you’re calling Dwight a girl, and in doing so, calling girls Dwight?

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Don’t piss off women by focusing on stereotypically pejorative notions about them being “bitchy” or “petty”. (Though the point is well taken that, by unfollowing the Lakers, D-12 is being both of those things.)

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In Dwight’s defense, I’m not sure “unfollowing the Lakers” was the “first thing he did” when he signed with the Rockets.

That distinction probably goes to “cried into his diary”.