John Wall Could Miss The Rest Of The Season, Wizards To Spontaneously Combust

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Things can’t get worse for a 3-18 basketball team, you say? Let’s examine the Washington Wizards. They are said 3-18 team, and by most accounts have nowhere to go but up. But budding young point guard John Wall, who hasn’t played a game yet this season, might be shut down for good thanks to new-found complications in a left knee injury.

Underneath his left patella, Wall has developed cartilage damage, which has been causing him intense discomfort and doesn’t bode well for his chances of returning to the court any time soon.

He mistakenly referred to the injury that has kept him sidelined since September as a “fracture” several times, but there would be much less mystery surrounding his condition had he simply suffered a clean break. In that case, he would be done for the season, no questions asked.

“I’m not thinking like that,” Wall said, when asked if it would be better for him to sit out the entire season. “Hopefully the time I’ve taken off and the shots I got and the treatment I’ve been getting is helping me get healthy so I can play basketball this season. You don’t want to miss a whole season. If it comes to it, you have to, but I’m trying not to think that far ahead.”

But if those shots don’t take and reduce swelling, Wall won’t be able to ramp up his physical activity, practice, or eventually play. Coach Randy Wittman asked reporters if they new about an exorcist who could visit them in light of all their injuries. An exorcist would be nice, or a competent coach, or, OR, good players.

[Washington Post, Getty Images]