John Wall Takes On High School Hoops Star, Spectacular Level Of Trash Talking Ensues

  • Evan Sporer

John Wall was quite the phenom when he played high school basketball. If you haven’t seen highlights of his days at Word of God Christian Academy, you’re really not doing yourself any favors.

Wall, more than anyone, should know not to underestimate the skills of a young baller. But the Wizards guard found himself staring down a different high school star, Tyrek Coger, when the two met at Reebok’s Breakout Challenge. Some trash talking ensued (okay — a lot of trash talking ensues) and before you knew it, the high school player (listed as a center) found himself in a fantasy game of one-one-one with the number one overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft.

I think it’s safe to say Wall was really dogging it and underestimating Coger, until he began to get a little frustrated. That’s when he unearthed that one-handed, lefty tomahawk slam. In sweatpants. And untied shoes.

h/t Dan Devine’s Twitter