Jon Hamm Was Really Mean To Dwight Howard At The ESPYs

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Dwyane Wade ESPYS 2013Jon Hamm (contrary to popular belief, not known as Don Draper outside of Mad Men), hosted the ESPYS last night. This meant that he made fun of Dwight Howard, his poor play on the Los Angeles Lakers, and his move to the Houston Rockets. Becuase he’s cool and making fun of baby-men in the city where they are hated is a cool thing to do.

The jokes were obvious and a bit tired, but the execution and the awareness of his audience were top-notch. And even a tired Dwight Howard joke is a good Dwight Howard joke, because nobody should ever take Dwight Howard’s side.

Dwight’s career highlight will always be his role in that absurd Chinese basketball movie.