Note To The Washington Wizards’ Jumbotron: That Is Not Redskins’ WR Josh Morgan, It Is A Random Black Guy

  • Dylan Murphy

That is Washington Redskins’ wide receiver Josh Morgan on the left. That is a random black guy on the right. Josh Morgan never made it onto the jumbotron during the Wizards-Bobcats game on Saturday night, despite the arena’s best attempt. That random black guy did.

In an attempt to highlight the celebrities in the crowd (that there are celebrities in the crowd for an 0-11 team is remarkable in itself), some poor arena cameraman mistook the guy on the right for the famous NFL player on the left, and projected his mistake on the Wizards’ jumbotron. Now, it’s not totally his fault – the fan was sitting just a few seats away and Josh Morgan isn’t exactly an easily recognizable NFL star. Nor has he been particularly noteworthy this season, catching only 37 passes for 382 yards and 0 TDs. Still: awkward.

Here’s what Morgan had to say about the misidentification, via DC Sports Bog:

‘That was funny,’ a good-natured Morgan said. ‘People keep wanting to take their picture with him.’

“Hey, doesn’t Robert Griffin III throw the ball to you? Like, you touch the same ball that graces his beautiful and magical fingers? PICTURE PLEASE.”

Also: good for the random guy soaking up all the fame – hopefully those fans never realize that the framed picture on their mantle is actually just some random black guy.

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