J.R. Smith Was Spotted Partying At Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Last Night

  • Jake O'Donnell

CORRECTION: We reported an old story that was posted by Terez Owens under the pretense that it occurred last night. What was reported earlier actually transpired way back in December. We apologize for the confusion. J.R. Smith was merely rumored to be the 40/40 Club last night. Not hooking up with a Michelle K.

Apparently, according to TerezOwens.com, J.R. Smith went to the club to get boozy and chase around some “strange” last night. Maybe watch the fight. On the eve of Game 1 of the Knick’s second-round series against the Indiana Pacers, no less.

At least he woke up before noon to greet the world over Twitter, as he often does, with this tasteful, shitty painting of him dunking. We know that much. So, even if it did end up being an all night drunken sexcapade a riveting discussion that went long into the night, he managed to get himself out of bed and start prepping for the Knick’s first second round game in over a decade.

UPDATE: J.R. Smith shot 26% from the floor in Game 1.

Rumor via Terez Owens