What’s More True: Jrue Holiday Is Overrated, Or Patrick Beverly Is Underrated?

  • Eric Goldschein

beverly holidayPreseason basketball time, y’all! Time to make premature judgments about things that will probably be completely different come the regular season, but whatever. First up: The video of the Rockets’ Patrick Beverly absolutely destroying/embarrassing/emasculating Pelican Jrue Holiday.

Before this game, Beverly was best known as the guy who injured Russell Westbrook in last year’s playoffs (a play which has last-lasting ramifications), and Holiday as the much improved point guard who was traded to New Orleans for Nerlens Noel. Let’s see how they did going head-to-head:

Not only did Beverly pick Holiday’s pocket four times (in this one segment), but he induced Holiday into fouling out. To put it in perspective: Jeremy Lin’s backup sent an All-Star packing.

So here’s the question: Is Patrick Beverly a player on the rise? Does he deserve to start over the much-better known (but perhaps not-as-good) Lin? Or did the NBA — and the Pelicans — wildly overestimate Holiday’s skills as a point guard? Perhaps both statements are true?

We’re going to find out about Holiday, who will start for the Pelicans, much sooner than we will about Beverly. The Rockets paid a ton for Lin (both financially and emotionally), and they want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But if Beverly keeps picking pockets and causing havoc on defense, we could be seeing another Eric Bledsoe-Chris Paul situation (albeit one where Chris Paul isn’t very efficient, or good — sorry to say it, Jeremy).

Just three weeks until the regular season tips off, folks.

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