Juwan Howard And Lance Stephenson’s Pregame “Argument” Was More Of A Tiff

  • CJ Fogler

Video has surfaced of the argument that Juwan Howard and Lance Stephenson got into prior to game 4 between the Heat and the Pacers, and although it’s pretty tame, you can see the tension escalate.

In our last episode, LeBron James missed a free throw and Stephenson was caught on camera giving him and the Heat bench the universal sign for choking. Naturally the Heat did not take it well, and even though Stephenson later apologized, Howard decided to sidle over and discuss it with him prior to game 4 in Indianapolis this afternoon.

NBA TV aired this footage of the confrontation which seems to start off pretty benign, although the two are eventually separated before it escalates.

It was pretty much an aside in a game that started out very much in Indy’s favor, but finished on the Heat’s side of the ledger. Both LeBron and Dwyane Wade answered some their critics in the victory, and hopefully some of this nonsense is at an end so we can enjoy the remaining games in this series.