Kanye In Chicago: ♬ We Shoulda Never Let Michael Jordan Play For The Wizards ♬

  • Jake O'Donnell

Kanye is from Chicago and grew up there during the Jordan years — arguably the most compelling, exciting, inspiring era any fan base has ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He also has often ridiculous opinions about stuff that he knows next to nothing about. So naturally, when he came to the United Center (while the Bulls were out of town getting whupped by the Houston Rockets), he had to address something that had been bothering him since 2001.

“We…shoulda…never…ever…let…Michael Jordan play…for the Wizards,” he sung into a microphone, dressed like the Road Warrior in front 20,000 plus. Because, ya know, the people of Chicago signed off on Mike’s return to basketball. Whatever, it was funny — you can’t take this guy too seriously (though his is kind of right that Jordan shouldn’t have ever played for the Washington NBA team).