Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Estranged Son Ripped His Father In A Surprising And Weird Reddit AMA

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. He also acts, writes, and serves as a U.S. cultural ambassador. He’s generally seen as a good, if arrogant guy, as far as the general public can tell. How does his son Adam, whom Abdul-Jabbar had with a San Antonio-area woman outside of his marriage many years ago, feel about the guy? As you might expect, he’s not a big fan.

There aren’t many details of the life of Adam “Abdul-Jabbar” (probably not his last name, but it’s the closest we have to go on here) online, since he was not born to Habiba Abdul-Jabba (Kareem’s now-ex-wife). The only public evidence tying the two together: Their joint appearance on an episode of “Full House”, in which Abdul-Jabbar is posited as a role model to his little boy.

Based on the answers that Adam gave during last weekend’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit, their real-life relationship was nothing like that episode. The title merely hinted at the strangeness that would follow:

Adam had some eye-opening and often-painful things to say about his father — along with some weird anecdotes. Here are the most brutal responses, presented without further comment. Because screenshots of Reddit pages look horrible, the text has been copied/pasted, but click here to see the original page:

I dont have a great relationship with my dad because ive visted him and seen him alot though-out my life but hes never really been a permanent part of my life.He has five kids with 3 different women that i know of and it would surprise me if some random guy walked up to me and told me he was my long lost brother from another mother. I hate basketball more than any thing in the world, and I think the “statue debacle” was retarded

Hell yes, and as a result as a child I decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone who my dad was unless they asked, because some people want to be around me just because of who my dad is and that’s retarded. People somehow tend to think that being a great basketball player makes him a good person but that’s definitely not true cause he’s a total jerk like most celebrities.

He met [my mother] after a basketball game in San Antonio where she used to live. As for how he treated her, they dated for awhile but where never married, and he has always talked bad about her to me even though she raised by herself and I know exactly what kind of person she is. To quote my father “Adam I always knew your mother wasnt the kind of person to have children with… but here you are” which I though was as insulting to me as it was to her, not to mention the fact that he has lied to both of us since I was born. I think any of my sibling would tell you that they can’t trust him except for his favorite, the one who kisses his ass.

Whenever I was with him when I was a child the main thing I remember isn’t conversations but just long sting of awkward silence broken by a random question, or painfully dull comment. It just felt like he didn’t care at all that I was there because he never asked me about my self or my interests. Or even when he would attempt cooking for me he never even asked if i liked what he was making or how I liked it like my mom did. Also the women he dated where all evil and he didn’t care that I didn’t like them or want to be around them.

Interestingly, he would throw in semi-complimentary comments about the man at random intervals:

[Regarding the skyhook]: Yes, its unstoppable and almost impossible to master.

He is definitely a very intelligent man and can be charming and funny when he wants, and I’ve been told I’m similar to him in many ways including appearance. Also while some of my comments about him might seem a little aggressive I definitely do love him despite all his faults, because I understand that we all have our faults including myself. I have fair share of good memories despite the bad and I’ll be sure to pass along your kind words.

Also, holy shit:

Smoking dmt changed my life forever. I’ve done it a few times but there is one experience I had with it in particular that stand out the most in my mind. I packed a bowl in a gravity bong first placing a small plug-nug, then a large amount of dmt and another small layer of nug on top. We where using a gallon sized gatorade bottle with a large plastic container and i manged to fill the gatorade bottle complely with a very dense, yellowish smoke and managed to inhale it all and hold it in my lungs long enough to sit down on my friends bed. It only took a few seconds for me to move from the bong to the bed and exhale, but by the time I exhaled, I had already “blasted off”. Like your friend I could see myself from out side my body. I watched my body curl up into the fetal position on my friends bed from above and then what I was seeing started to melt into an insanely intense and bright color patterns of geometric shapes. From there on out things get a little hazy and almost impossible to describe but, I came back from whatever crazy planes of existence I was traveling with an overwhelming feeling of bliss and serenity, and from that moment on I completely lost any fears I might had had about death. And about my dad, I know he has tried mushrooms and I think he had a problem with pain killers for a while but hes good now.

And the award for “Most Oversharing Done In One Reddit AMA” goes to this guy.

There isn’t much more we can say on this subject. It really sucks when people don’t care about their kids, no matter how they were conceived. It also sucks to air dirty laundry on the Internet. Go read the rest and let us know what you think.

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