Kendrick Perkins Shills For Milk By Being His Grim, Terrifying Self

  • Glenn Davis

When you think “Kendrick Perkins,” you probably don’t think “natural pitchman.” After all, he’s the guy who always looks kind of like this. And this. Or this. A far cry from the countenance of, say, Dwight Howard, and if he tried to mimic it… well, you’d probably be able to tell it wasn’t the real Perk.

But what if there were a way for the real Perk to be a pitchman – a way to use that perpetual glare in his favor? Well, there just might be. How do we know? Well, it’s all thanks to low-fat milk:

Would you buy 1% milk if Kendrick Perkins were staring you down, demanding you buy it? Yes. Yes, you would buy it. And given Perkins’ significant weight loss coming into this season, he’s even a natural choice to pitch something healthy. And Perk in a labcoat and goggles is something we never knew we needed to see… but we sure needed to see it, and may never accept seeing him in any other outfit – including his Thunder uniform – again.

[The Basketball Jones]