Kenneth Faried, Chasedown Block Connoisseur

  • Glenn Davis

Recently, CBS’s Matt Moore paid the Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried the back-handed compliment that he “does 9 bad things to 10 good per minute.” But despite his readily-apparent weaknesses (he’s shooting just under 58 percent at the line so far this season, for example), even the harshest assessment of Faried’s game – and keep in mind the guy’s averaging 13 and 11 with a 21 PER, so there is plenty he’s doing right – would have to admit he’s good at not giving up on plays defensively.

For proof, all you’d need to do is watch a few highlights from last night’s Nuggets-Warriors game, in which the Nuggets suffered a one-point loss but Faried had five blocks. And he got the majority of those blocks a certain way:

Pretty impressive, right? Well, it wasn’t even his craziest one:

On that last one: where did Faried even come from? He’s not even in the frame, and suddenly he explodes at the perfect moment. This phenomenon didn’t start last night, either. Here’s a play from last season:

Those nine bad things are worth it.