Kosta Koufos And Ty Lawson Don’t Want Any Part Of Kenneth Faried While He’s Puking

  • Dylan Murphy

You have to appreciate the slow maturation of this process – the initial puke, the secondary lurch, the player-by-player exit from the bench, the seemingly oblivious equipment guys, the “Oh, you just puked, here’s a Gatorade bottle” guy, all of it.

Kosta Koufos senses the pending doom and skates on out of there, but it isn’t until a few moments later that Ty Lawson hops up from the bench in fear of puke spatter. Faried, always self-aware, musters enough energy to point at the black-shirted fella, who’s instantaneous and evasive reaction is a timid offering of the cup in his hand. “Uh, dude, I just give the water, so, uh, here ya go.”

The Nuggets took care of the Spurs 112-106 last night at home, at the very least.

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