Kevin Durant Also Thinks The Draymond Pep Talk Meme Is Hilarious

Kevin Durant Also Thinks The Draymond Pep Talk Meme Is Hilarious
  • Tanya Ray Fox

In a new series of short documentary-style videos chronicling his battle journey with the Golden State Warriors as they move through the NBA playoffs while he battles injuries, Kevin Durant took some time to appreciate what is so far the best meme to come out of the league that always gives us the best memes.

After Game 1 of the team’s first round series against the Portland Trailblazers, this video clip of teammate Draymond Green trying to get KD pumped up went viral – and the jokes were top notch:

Well Monday’s Episode 2 of “Still KD” posted to Durant’s YouTube channel, and it features the power forward’s reaction to the influx of Twitter memes the next morning. He appeared to be as amused as the rest of us. Take a look:

Here’s the tweet he’s referencing in the video:

It really is a meme for the ages. It has legs, as they say. Here are a few more of our favorites:

Tanya Ray Fox

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