Nike Will Market Kevin Durant Backpacks…Because Let’s Face It, You’ll Buy Them

  • Mohammed Rahman

Kevin Durant‘s modus operandi during these NBA playoffs has been to rock a backpack at press conferences. And before the game, as TV cameras catch the players getting off the bus or strolling in the tunnels of the arena, you’ll definitely see Durant wearing his backpack then, too. Basically, no matter what the circumstance, if you catch Durant off the court, he’ll be wearing his backpack.

Nike, being Nike, saw what we saw – but instead of making observations and quips, they just saw dollar signs. Nike will soon market a line of backpacks endorsed by Durant, which will be a part of his already-existing collection, KD III. That’s like a fan of Dirk Nowitzki‘s jump shot buying a wallet endorsed by the German. It’s completely incongruous…but that’s advertising, I suppose.

I can already see it on basketball courts across the country: kids come buckled up and strapped in like they’re going hiking only to unzip the backpack, which contains their shorts, basketball sneakers, and compartments for their iPods and phones. My prediction: this will sell like hot cakes.

For all we know, Durant’s backpack is stocked full of porno mags and DVDs as a goof. Or…maybe he’s just a marketing genius.

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