Kevin Durant Gets Stuffed… By A Canadian Football Player?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Kevin Durant fancies himself the football type. His repeated battles with LeBron on the indoor gridiron have been well-documented, and is considered by some to be the biggest Washington football team fan in America.

But pass rushing ain’t a jump ball in the end zone. You’ve got to not only be really strong, but heavy, wily, vicious, and know what you’re doing. The 6’9″, 236-pound small-forward is relatively weak, light, mild-mannered, and lacks any discernible technique (though we did see something that looked like a swim move). So, naturally, when he went up against fellow D.C. native and current Saskatchewan Roughrider’s offensive lineman Devin Tyler, he was dutifully handled like the puny mortal he is (in football, at least).

[dtonhisgrind] really thought he could get pass me to the quarterback, I had to show him why I get paid to protect quarterbacks

Quick, three-point contest from half-court. K.D. needs an ego boost after getting tossed on his ass!