Kevin Durant Hits Back Over “Durantula” Lawsuit

  • Joe Levine

The media and fans alike have been fawning over Kevin Durant since he entered the league, giving him the nickname “Durantula,” both referring to his spider-esque physique and ability to treat the court like his own personal spiderweb.

Apparently, there is already a “Durantula” and he doesn’t appreciate KD taking his nickname. There’s just one problem: Durant never took the nickname in the first place. From TMZ:

The Oklahoma City Thunder star was sued by guitarist Mark Durante, who claimed he had trademarked the name and used it as to sell merchandise long before KD came along.

But in his response — filed earlier this month in Illinois Federal Court — Durant claims the media and his fans have been calling him by the name his whole career. Durant says he has NEVER used the name to sell merchandise … so Durante’s lawsuit has no merit.

Sounds like the suit will be thrown out… but it also sounds like we need a new nickname for Durant.

Let me know what you think, but here are a few ideas to get us started:

The Pumpkin King – KD looks like Jack Skellington and the basketball looks like a pumpkin. Simple enough.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Reference to “Durantula,” plus Kevin Durant is kind of the Peter Parker of the NBA. Funny, supremely talented, agile and athletic, has an incompetent Uncle Ben-type coaching him. Makes total sense.

O-Kev-C Thun-Durant – Yeah, cuz his name is Kevin and he’s in OKC, so O-Kev-C, and also they’re the Thunder, like Thun-DUR, THUN-DURANT, THUN-DURR–[gunshot.wav]