Kevin Durant Might Be Growing Up, Taking Actual Girls Out On Actual Dates

  • Evan Sporer

I think of Kevin Durant as a very simple man. He’s the second best basketball player on the planet, and he loves his mother very much. So when we caught wind that KD might be dating LeToya Luckett, an ex-member of Destiny’s Child, I sort of freaked out. Who is this Kevin Durant? What did he do with the loveable mama’s boy I’d grown to love? Has he been vaccinated for cooties yet?

I’m going to break down this whole situation, and what everything means. Because this is big, folks. Quite big.

As stated, Kevin Durant’s mother is a huge part of his life. I always contextualized Kevin Durant and his activities with the ladies as such. I’m not gonna say this is necessarily bad for KD. I’m not gonna say the guy doesn’t have a game when it comes to the ladies. But I just never pegged him as a guy to be in a relationship, especially with a former member of Destiny’s Child. I’ve always seen Durant as someone who wouldn’t do anything to draw attention to himself, intentionally. Which brings me to my next point…

The two also have started liking each other’s photos on Instagram. This is bold. Getting a pic flicked of the pair eating in a restaurant (above) is one thing. Instagram photo-liking is entirely different.

There are various levels of Internet flirtation. There’s the Facebook friend request, showing signs of initial interest. There’s the Facebook poke—a ritual that was born many years ago that has since mostly died out, and one that ensured that, while interest was expressed, it was done a private manner (also: creepily).

The difference with the Instagram photo like is that everyone sees it. So while this move is cute, it’s also a public declaration of internet flirtation. They want the world to know.

My analysis: Kevin Durant could very well be dating Letoya Luckett. We’ve slowly begun to see Durant transform from the shy, backpack-carrying, unassuming hipster star into the movie acting, Destiny’s Child-dating second best player on the planet he is now. Sort of like his puberty. Just hope we don’t have to see some awkward voice cracks and awkward hallway encounters along the way.

[Via Black Sports Online]