Kevin Durant Overwhelms Josh Smith, Emphatically Informs Us Whose House Philips Arena Is

  • Glenn Davis

We talked some about Kevin Durant utterly dominating the Hawks last night in the morning roundup post, but it deserves another look – specifically, one sequence from the middle of the fourth quarter (which was when Durant went wildest, torching Atlanta for 18 of his 41 points).

The sequence in question involves Durant and Josh Smith. Josh Smith is a good player – certainly one with flaws, such as his over-reliance on jumpers despite not being good at shooting them – but still the owner of considerable talents. Durant, though, is the owner of even more considerable talents. Below, watch as he makes that abundantly clear… then very vocally asserts his dominance:

And truth is, last night, it was Durant’s fucking house. And lest you rend your garments over that little alpha-bro punctuation to Durant’s spectacular-at-both-ends play, and how it doesn’t jive with the perfect choir-boy image so many like to ascribe to him: don’t. Trash-talking happens, this wasn’t bad by trash-talking standards, and he didn’t even look like he was saying it at anyone. Who’d be able to stop themselves from excitedly yelling something after making plays like that? No one competitive enough to be as good at something as Durant is at basketball, that’s who. You might as well get used to displays like this: Durant’s going to own a lot more houses over the course of his career.