Hot Sports Take: Kevin Durant Is A Fraud And Will Never Win An NBA Title

  • Matt Rudnitsky

I have been on NBA superFRAUD Kevin Durant’s case for a while now. Skip Bayless does yeoman’s work watching over the narrative of LeBron James, spitting hot truths your simple mind can’t handle. But the man can only do so much for humanity, so we must all deal with the force-fed, convenient, false narrative that Durant is a nice, selfless, efficient monster. That couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why I’m here. To tell you that Kevin Durant is the most fraudulent of frauds, and that the media is feeding you filthy lies about the third-best player on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The thing is: I’ll admit it. I was wrong about Kevin Durant. But I wasn’t wrong about him being a fraud. Just wrong about the type of fraud he is.

In February, I posited that Kevin Durant only cared about his stats. Then, I reported it as fact, and confirmed it through trusted insider sources. At the time, it was right. But now I realize that I was wrong. So, so wrong. Still, Kevin Durant is even more of a clownfraud than I suspected.

Kevin Durant will never be LeBron James or approach his success, despite his best plagiaristic efforts.

I obtained this report via my sources at Instagram. Look at it and tell me Kevin Durant has the competitive chops to win an NBA Championship. Even you, the feebleminded sports fan, can’t tell me that with a straight face.

So you’re telling me the world’s supposed greatest scorer doesn’t want a scoring title when he has a shot at it? You’re telling me this guy, with the supposed killer instinct gene, doesn’t want his fourth straight scoring title? His jersey might as well say “Fraudurant” on the back.

Was that too much truth for you? Were you able to handle that? I understand if you cover your eyes for the rest of this, but you need to know the truth. Do you believe me yet? I’ve never been wrong, but I do back up my cold-hard truths with cold-hard evidence. Take it from Instagram commenters, arguably the most rational people in the world. You ever heard of a guy named Barack Obama? He’s on Instagram.

Just listen to @paytoncupit.

Man you dumb as hell KD you ain’t winnin the title this year neither!! You need to break all the records with your big ass. Quit bein a bitch an do it @sniperjones35

Or ill_preme.

This ain’t a winners attitude

It’s not.

The list goes on, but my point has been cemented as truth. You can’t hide from the truth; you can’t hide from rational analysis. I’m sorry for that moment of realness, but I’m just telling you what you need to hear. The Thunder will go as far as Derek Fisher takes them, and that’s a fact.


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