Kevin Durant To Return Saturday: But Will He Mess Up The Warriors’ Mojo?

Kevin Durant To Return Saturday: But Will He Mess Up The Warriors’ Mojo?
  • Rick Chandler

It took the Warriors a couple of weeks to learn how to play with Kevin Durant, then a week or so how to play without him when he got injured. Now, after 10 straight wins with Durant on the bench (including one over San Antonio and two over Houston), is there another adjustment period in store?

Reports are that Durant will return to action on Saturday following his Grade 2 MCL sprain and tibial bone bruise, when the Warriors welcome the Pelicans. So he’ll get three regular-season games in before the playoffs begin. The questions are — do they even need him? And what if he messes with their chemistry?

Draymond Green isn’t worried about Durant fitting in.

But you’d hate to mess with what the Warriors have going now. Because Stephen Curry is back to doing otherworldly things in Durant’s absence — including, apparently, turning completely invisible before canning a 3.

If Durant had to miss a month, it might as well be March — late enough for the team to establish a commanding lead for top seed in the West, and early enough to get him back just before the playoffs. He’ll be the ultimate rested weapon. And it’s not true that the Warriors don’t need him. Golden State was down 22 before a comeback vs. the Spurs, and have looked sporadic in some of their other wins over the past 10 games.

Yes, they need him. Some disagree, however.