Here’s New Video Of Kevin Garnett And Carmelo Anthony’s Post-Game Confrontation From Monday Night

  • Dylan Murphy

Yesterday we told you about Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony’s little tiff below Madison Square Garden. Their on-court jawing, possibly-but-not-probably about Honey Nut Cheerios, spilled into the postgame as ‘Melo waited by the Celtics bus to punch apologize to Kevin Garnett, or something.

The whole thing’s apparently over, the two having kissed and made up. But earlier this morning TMZ posted a video of that secondary postgame confrontation, Melo and Garnett clearly yelling at each other as people shove Garnett towards the Celtics team bus. The footage is grainy and TMZ bleeps out any discernible cursing, but the hooting and hollering is apparent.

We won’t let this whole thing go if you won’t, okay?

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