Kevin Garnett Gave Ray Allen One Very Cold Shoulder (Video)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

We know how ugly the Ray Allen/Celtics divorce was. We know especially how hard Kevin Garnett took it. Garnett doesn’t communicate with Allen anymore, and we know the situation between the two of them on the court tonight would be tenuous. But this tenuous? Watch for yourself.

There is absolutely no love lost between these two. Garnett doesn’t even bat an eye. It was like a fly landed on his shoulder and flew away. At least Shaq and Kobe made an effort…kinda…sorta. OK, not really, but man this was one tense moment. The audience kind of knew what was coming, too. After a genial reuniting with Doc Rivers and some of the other Celtics staff, you knew Allen’s awkward confrontation with KG was coming and you couldn’t wait.

It was one special moment.

[Via @jose3030]