Kevin Garnett’s $4.85 Million Mansion Is Very Kevin Garnett

  • Eric Goldschein

When I imagine Kevin Garnett’s house, I think of two possible scenarios: 1) A fortress cathedral built into the side of a mountain, where his running water comes from thunderstorm runoff and his food is delivered to him, freshly killed, by his loyal servants, and 2) This place.

You see, this place, which is listed for a mere $4.85 million (he originally bought it for $4.65 million in 2007), is secluded, enormous, and very zen. There are numerous fireplaces, custom finishes, a wine cellar and a “gym fit for a champion.” Indeed. Looking at the pictures, you can just imagine Garnett strolling around the 12-acre grounds, thinking of new ways to insult Carmelo Anthony raise his game. If you want to live on Howe’s Pond in Massachusetts and have this kind of cash, look no further:


So now the question is: Hey, Kevin, where[‘s your house in] Brooklyn at?

[Neil J. Leitereg]