Kings Coach Keith Smart, Mensch

  • Glenn Davis

Keith Smart had a good night last night, coaching his Kings to a surprising 105-98 win over the Warriors (and the Kings have actually been sneaky-decent lately despite their overall bad year, going 7-7 over their last 14). So good coaching, Keith. But that’s not the only reason he deserves praise for his performance last night. Midway through the third quarter, Stephen Curry threw an errant pass headed straight for the first row… and a couple of startled kids in particular. Thankfully, though, someone else was there. Someone who wasn’t about to let those kids get in harm’s way. Someone like Keith Smart.

OK, so the title of that video’s title might be exaggerating things a little bit, but check the kids’ faces: Smart definitely made their day. Clearly his basketball instincts (and he had some glorious moments in his playing days, remember) haven’t left him. If there were an award for NBA Coach of the Night, yeah, Tom Thibodeau would be tough to top for ending the Heat’s streak with no Rose or Noah, but the Kings getting that road win over a (very, very likely) playoff team combined with that play? Don’t count out Smart. Oh, and here’s his save in gif form:

[h/t Reddit]