The Knicks Are 6-0, And You Can Go Ahead And Open The Gates Of Hell Now

  • Dan Fogarty

What is going on? Seriously, what is this? As a Knicks fan, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop; a massive, game-long defensive brainfart maybe, or for them to stop moving the ball, or for ‘Melo to stop playing at an MVP level on both ends of the floor. And who knows, maybe all of that will happen. This team is old, after all, we’re only six games into the season, and they could wear down. But last night, on the road against a perennially great team, the dream start to this season continued.

New York erased a 12-point deficit midway through the fourth quarter, thanks in large part to two point guards with advancing ages and advancing midsections. Ray Felton and Jason Kidd quarterbacked the Knicks to the win while scoring 15 of their next 23 points, and New York is 6-0 for only the second time in franchise history. You’ve probably heard this stat a million times already — ESPN tends to bring it up every chance they get — but the last time this happened, in ’93-’94, the Knicks went to the Finals. Are they for real?

Magic Johnson, chime in please.

Coach Woodson? As in… Mike Woodson?

Seriously: what the hell is going on here?