The Knicks Pulled Off A Double Alley-Oop In A Professional Basketball Game Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

That’s right, a double alley-oop was thrown down at the Garden. It wasn’t the And-One Mixtape Tour, and it wasn’t even showboating by J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. Well, alright, a little bit of showboating was involved. But have you guys ever seen one of these in a real game before?

As Mike Breen notes in the live call, Smith and Shumpert love to run, and you’ll usually find one of these two guys on the receiving end of a nasty dunk at least once a game. But for both of them to be on the receiving end? Now that’s poetry in motion.

Seriously, has anyone seen a double ‘oop in a game before this? And by game I don’t mean “NBA Street Vol. 2” on your Playstation. Let us know.

The Knicks had another easy time of it against the Pistons last night, pulling off their third straight win against Detroit and bumping their point differential to +72 on the season. Which just goes to show, the Knicks actually really good, if you’d just cut the league down to these two teams. It’s when all the other teams get involved that things get a little hazy.