Knicks Fan Wins A Brand New Car By Hitting Half-Court Shot, Celebrates By Giving Spike Lee A Hug

  • Tom Lorenzo

Seriously, Jeremy Lin just makes everyone around him better. And boy do we mean everyone.

During a break in the action in today’s Knicks-Mavericks game, one lucky fan was given a chance to sink a half-court shot. Miss it, you go home empty-handed. Make it, you win a brand new Kia. Naturally, with the Garden filled the to brim with Linsanity, the fan heaved the shot from beyond the half-court line and, well, sunk it.

A new car. A hug from Spike Lee. A lobotomized J.R. Smith. Yeah, Knicks fans have got it made right now. Wait, when does Carmelo Anthony return from injury?

Video via CJ Fogler