You Can Still Buy Tickets To Tonight’s Heat-Knicks Game In Miami For $29

  • Dylan Murphy

The Miami Heat take on the New York Knicks at home tonight at 8:00 p.m. on TNT in one of the bigger early season clashes between Eastern Conference powers. The two teams are first and second in the conference, with Miami sitting at 12-4 and New York 13-4. And, as you may remember, the Knicks trounced the Heat at MSG in their first game of the season 104-84.

Miami Heat fans and the NBA at large have a contentious relationship, mostly because everyone enjoys piling on insults about how they’re horrible NBA fans that leave games early. We’re going to jump aboard that train, briefly, because apparently Miami Heat fans don’t care about tonight’s game, and the Miami Heat’s ticket office knows Heat fans don’t care about tonight’s game. See above (click to enlarge) for what we mean.

$29. That’s all you’ll have to pay for a prime time game between the East’s two best teams. To put this in some context, the cheapest ticket for the next Knicks game, a Sunday night affair in New York with the Denver Nuggets, is $68.90. Even Milwaukee at Cleveland next week is coming in at $36.00. Milwaukee. Cleveland.

As you can see, the screen shot is from only 13 minutes ago. And, as of right now, the seats are still available. Get ’em while they’re cold.